Darning: How to Repair Your Knits

Wednesday March 27, 7-9pm


$33.00 per person



About this event

Discover the transformative power of darning and knitting repair in this engaging and practical workshop. If you have cherished garments with holes, snags, or wear-and-tear, this class is your key to breathing new life into your knitted treasures. Join us for a hands-on journey where you'll learn the art of darning and essential knitting repair techniques to mend and preserve your favorite pieces.

Class Highlights:

  1. Darning Fundamentals: Dive into the basics of darning, understanding different techniques to seamlessly repair holes and tears in your knits. 

  2. Invisible (or proudly not) Repairs: Master the art of making repairs virtually undetectable. Learn the secrets of blending stitches, tension, and colour to create a flawless finish that seamlessly integrates with the original fabric. Or unleash your creativity with visible mending. Turn imperfections into unique design features, creating one-of-a-kind garments with character.

  3. Preventative Care: Gain valuable insights into preventing future damage to your knitted items. Discover tips for proper care, storage, and handling to extend the life of your garments.

  4. Bring Your Own Project: Participants are encouraged to bring a knitted item in need of repair, whether it's a beloved sweater, cosy blanket, or cherished accessory. Work alongside our experienced instructor to troubleshoot and repair your specific items.

This class is suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to experienced knitters. Reconnect with your favorite pieces and take pride in knowing that, with the skills acquired in this workshop, you can extend the life of your knits and reduce textile waste. Join us for a session of creativity, skill-building, and the joy of rescuing your cherished knitted items!

You will need a darning needle and are welcome to bring a project in need of repair and matching yarn, however practice swatches will be provided.